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This February was a classic month on the world cup tour.   We traveled all over Europe to countries from France to Italy and Italy back to Austria.  I saw things through the windows of cars and planes that I never could have experienced just sitting at home in the United States.  We spent so many hours in the ski team vans that there was always a demand for new CD’s with new music to keep us occupied as we drove across the castle dotted landscape.  Europe culture is old and history is everywhere.

We drove up a very narrow road that cuts a zig-zag up the French mountain to Val D’Isere for World Championships 2009.  Although, I didn’t have the results I was hoping for, with a DNF in the Giant Slalom, I had a great time experiencing my first championship event.  The weather on race day made tough conditions for racing but also turned the little French town in the mountains into a winter wonderland.  While we were there I took advantage of European cultures like eating roclette and sampling beautiful pastries. 

I am going home to now to take a week off and recharge my batteries before our last technical world cup race before finals, in Oftercshwang, Germany.  I am hoping for some good luck and good skiing so that as the season comes to an end I can feel satisfied with my results and look forward to a warm spring!


Look at my beautiful photography from Val D'Isere, ha!

Look at my beautiful photography from Val D'Isere, ha!