Megan McJames

Archive for May 2009

After a season on the slopes I decided it was time to hit the beach, so, I went on hiatus to heal in Hawaii.  The full schedule of hiking, surfing, paddle boarding, rock running and absorbing some good old ocean water and sun my body and mind feel like they are in a good place to come back to Park City and hit the gym.  The people in Maui had a great laid back attitude and although I am ready to work hard and get strong for the upcoming season, I have realized that the most important part of this whole adventure is to enjoy the journey.  Obviously, every girl at this level is competitive and wants to succeed result wise, otherwise they would not have gotten this far, but I have realized that the outcome is not guaranteed while squeezing the most fun out of every moment is one hundred percent in your control.  So, here is to a great summer of working hard and playing hard because everyone gets more accomplished with a smile.   Remember to smile when the going gets tough and when the pressure is on because “diamonds were made between a rock and a hard place.”