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It is going to be Independence Day in Chile this coming weekend and many Chileans have come to the mountains to celebrate the holiday.  The weather is bright as the sun reflects off the unending snow covered mountains as we join the Chileans at Valle Nevado ski resort for two weeks of training.  Skiing has been so fun, as well as productive, that my legs do not have the stamina to keep up with my mind.  Even after a summer of intense dryland training the high altitude up here in the Andes takes its toll.  Between catching a nasty flu from teammates coined the “chilalien” and getting a bright red goggle tan I am getting the full down South experience. 

This is my eighth ear to Chile and I am turning 22 years old while we are here.  Each year the Chile camp is a chance to get your technique perfected before it gets tested on the icy glaciers in Europe in October.  As well as demanding perfection, Chile gives the perfect opportunity to test equipment on full-length courses.   This year I am testing boots.  I am still on Lange but we have been trying to find out which flex and cant give me the most control over my skis.  So far, we have found that I like the least aggressive boot possible because it allows me to release the end of the turn smoothly and easily.