August 2009-Back to Snow


DSC03948DSC03960It is great to be back at ski camp  and in New Zealand of all great places.  It feels like it has been so long since we were on snow since our May Camp was cancelled and it is definitely taking me some time to get my feet back under me but we have been doing a lot of drills and hopefully when we do get back up to speed I will have made the important changes that are going to be the keys to success this upcoming season!  As far as boots, I have a lot of testing to do.  The past couple years I don’t feel like I have gotten my boot set up exactly right so this prep period we are starting with five pairs of Langes and are going to slowly weed out which ones are the best flex and canting for me!  The weather has began to clear up and get cold so the staff was able to inject the hill so the surface is setting up for  good testing.  More updates to come as we get ready for next year…

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