November 2009

My new Kaenon sunglasses!!!
Went to get kids psyched on ski racing in Aspen's elementary school!
Looking up at the finish area in Aspen!

We spent the month of November skiing on home turf in Colorado.  The month since our first race in Solden has come and gone quickly and the race season has begun in full force with winter weather, cold temperatures and a couple very injected slopes.

My family came to Aspen to watch me race and we had a big turkey dinner on Thursday night, YUM!  I was very happy to spend time with my favorite fans over the holidays and left our little Thanksgiving dinner feeling recharged.  My family revived me at just the right time as the next week of racing turned out to be exhausting!!

My first race of the week was the giant slalom world cup race in Aspen.  It was a tough hill and once again I felt like I was skiing well, but unfortunately this time I did not finish the second run.  Next time, in Are, I am going to try and put two fast runs together and through the finish.

The next four days after the world cup, we raced Norams (North American Cups).  Although I was tired I felt satisfied with my GS results, being the top American both days, finishing third and fourth.  My SL is also coming along and although it still needs some work, it gets better every run!

We are now over in Europe, resting up and getting ready for some more racing this upcoming week.  Wish me luck and happy ski season, it has begun!

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