January 2010

The month of January has been a whirlwind of ski racing.  I started the 2010 year off in Quebec, CAN at some North American Cups.  Although the giant slaloms were cancelled due to unsafe snow conditions it was still successful trip and I went home with two slalom victories.   At home I got a much-needed POWDER day at Alta to rejuvenate my soul before flying back over to Europe.

Since I spend so much time racing over in Europe and I feel like I am constantly writing about it, I thought I would give you an idea of what the typical day in the life of an American ski racer consists of:

6:00AM alarm

6:15AM warm-up my body (spin on the bike for 10 minutes and do some stretching and core activation)

6:45AM eat a European breakfast (usually consisting of fruit, yogurt, cereal, bread and thick coffee)

7:30AM leave for the mountain

8:00AM take some warm-up runs on my skis and do some drills to get my body going through the correct motions

8:45AM inspect first run course set

9:30AM pre-run snack, mmmm….gummy bears

10AM first runs starts…….I usually end up going around 11AM after going to the start and warming-up a little more with plyos and explosive work

12:30PM second run inspection

1:30PM second run starts

2:30PM head back to the hotel for lunch, usually pasta!

3:00PM either jump in the car and drive to a new mountain or jump on the bike for a recovery spin, followed by some more core and stretching

4:00PM search for internet to get in touch with the rest of the world and most importantly home!!

6:00PM team meeting

7:00PM dinner

9:30-10PM early bedtime

After a few days of successful of ski racing like the one described above I was named to the Olympic team 2010 and will be heading to Vancouver this February.  Thank you to everyone for all of the support I have received so far, keep sending good vibes to Team USA next month!!!

Go Team USA!!

4 responses to “January 2010”

  1. Dear Megan,

    I just had dinner last week with your grandfather, Dr. Haas in The Landings. He was so proud of you, not just for your accomplishments but because of you as a person. He was disapointed that he would not be able to attend the Olympics but informed me that he would not miss one of your races on TV. I will also be rooting for you and your team in Vancouver.

    USA! USA!

    Sincerely, Bill Russell University of Illinois Foundation

  2. Megan,

    The Tomcyks are so happy for you and very excited to cheer you and the US team on. Through all your hard work, skill and determination and the support of your wonderful family you are a US Olympic team member! Congratulations and like many others at home in Park City we will be glued to the TV.

    Love and all the luck in the world,

    Maree, Chris, Nic and Matias.

  3. just wishing the best of luck, and team usa.

  4. While having lunch at the Whistler Brewpub just before the start of the Olympics, we watched as you were convinced to go to the table next to us and sign pictures for the group. You were very gracious and really made the day for them! Now that we are back and you are in the middle of it all, we all want to wish you the best results and hope that whatever the outcome, you savor the moment. We will be watching and cheering you on. Best Wishes from fellow skiers (although not as good) in New Jersey.

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