A few pics from the past month or so!

This blog starts off with teammate, Laurenne Ross, checking out the giant slalom course during inspection in Maribor, SLO.  This race ended up being cancelled due to warm temperatures and lack of snow…..as you can see!

And then a trip home for some relaxation and recoup!  I went free skiing at Park City Mountain Resort and ripped some full length runs on my giant slalom skis.  Just free skiing on a beautiful day like this helped to remind me how I fell in love with the sport of skiing!

When I got back to Europe we woke up early to get some full length giant slalom training on our “home” hill in Kaprun, AUT.

Teammate, Sarah Schelper, and I watching the sunrise before GS training in Kaprun!

And then we checked out the new alpine coaster in town!!!!

Teammate, Hailey Duke, and I getting ready to go up on the Alpine coaster in Kaprun!

On January 29th our team mascot, Lasse, turned three years old so we got him a chocolate cake and had a pizza party!  Some of our male teammates joined us to celebrate; it is always nice to see their familiar faces on the road!

Lasse, Sarah's son, blowing out his birthday candles!

I hope the quality of these pictures is good enough to give you a feel of life on the road because my camera doesn’t seem to want to turn on so all of these pictures are taken with my reliable blackberry!

The next stop is Zweisel, Germany for some world cup GS and SL this Friday and Saturday.  Send good vibes my way as I am hoping of a bit of a break through!


2 responses to “A few pics from the past month or so!”

  1. Hey, why do you have to go all the way to Kaprun to ride the coaster?

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