World Championships in Garmisch!

Photo Credit: Jon Margolis

So the big news this February in the ski world was World Championships.  I was happy to be a part of our incredible American team and lucky to be able to snag these cool ski pictures from photographer Jon Margolis.


Photo Credit: Jon Margolis
Photo Credit: Jon Margolis

The photo above was taken during my warm-up for the championship giant slalom race.  Notice the fog creeping over the course in the back ground!


Above is a picture I took from the gondola looking down on the giant slalom start about an hour after the warm-up photo further up.  We had a two hour race delay due to fog before getting a good race off that afternoon.

Below is a picture of teammate Ted Ligety accepting his gold medal.  It was so inspirational to see a friend standing up there amongst all the waving American flags.


We cheered loud! 
Photo Credit: teammate Resi Stiegler. From left to right: Me, Resi, Anna and Julia

And the next morning woke up to a sunlit slalom course with lots of fans cheering at the bottom!

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