A Southern Vacation-Savannah!

I have to start this post with the beach because no spring vacation is complete without one!

I went down to Savannah, GA to visit my grand father and get some vacation time in before I get back to skiing in Mammoth next week.  It was my heel’s last week of healing and it was nice to slow down to my grandpa’s pace and celebrate his 95th birthday!  Savannah is so far removed from the ski world that it is like my own personal hiatus.

This picture is of the marshes outside of the window of a restaurant we had dinner at.
From the same restaurant window we saw a rainbow.
Amongst all of the Southern food, I found a new love, Pralines! They are practically pure butter and sugar and melt on your tongue!

Then, my mom and I got inspired to get back to playing tennis this summer by watching James Blake play up close and personal in a small tournament.  He won in two sets!

We walked along river street which borders the Savannah river.  The picture below is of a statue of Savannah’s waving girl, she greeted every ship that came to port from 1887-1931 and was rumored to be looking for her long, lost, sailor lover to return from sea.

I love the trees in this picture!

On the last day we went sea kayaking on Tybee island and were surrounded by dolphins!  I befriended one who kept poking her head out to breath within 10 feet of my boat!  AND we came upon some turtle tracks where a mom had climbed up on the beach to lay her eggs.  This was probably my trip highlight because turtles are my favorite animals!

this is not actually my picture but they looked a lot like this

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