Megan McJames

Alaskan Adventure

Posted on: May 17, 2017

I spent the month of April working at Alaska Rendezvous heli ski guides!  Deep in the Chugach mountains, 45 miles outside of Valdez, I took some time to take a break after a long winter of racing, make plans for the future and experience a completely new aspect of the sport I love: skiing!  Sometimes you have to take chances to find happiness 🙂

Here are the photos:

Searching for lines with @marcuscaston

* They call it Chugach Magic *


And hiking…

Touring can be a good work out! Whew!!  Thanks for getting me to the top @myshell1527

* Northern Lights * Photo Credit: @bromandudeguy520

“Tonight we Party, Tomorrow we Ride!”  Burning a huge bonfire to celebrate all the people we’ve lost in the mountains doing the sport we love!

@kwaddle22 you’re the best! Thank you for bringing me on your adventure and being the best office buddy a friend could ask for!

And thank you to everyone @akrendezvous for making me part of the family!

In addition to skiing, while in Alaska, I collected Rainier beer tabs and in doing so planted over 300 trees in the Pacific Northwest.  Check out the movement:

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