December 2008

Leaning inside will never get you very far when ski racing and, in my case, caused me to have a crash in the Lake Louise Super G on December 7, 2008.   At first, I was disappointed to be going home with a broken wrist but with the internet I was able to follow my friends and teammates on the tour. Websites like Universal Sports and FIS’s official website make it as easy as a click of a button to look up results and watch races.  As I was keeping tabs on the World Cup and Europa Cup racing seen overseas, I began to appreciate what a big step this is for fans everywhere, but especially in America.  Most races, with a few exceptions, happen in Europe, so, it is nice for Americans living in ski towns to be able to watch the best skiing in the world as it is happening.   So, in my two recovery weeks at home, acting as a fan, I wanted to make sure to thank everyone who covers and promotes ski racing and to thank all of the fans that are sending their support to us all season long while we are competing out of the country.    

To take a look at more of what is happening with Alpine Ski Racing right now, take a look at any of these websites:

Universal Sport

FIS Official Website

Ski Racing’s Website

U.S. Ski Team’s Official Website

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