January 2009

The month of January has been full of ski racing and traveling for me and as with all professional athletes there has been a mix of good and bad races.  My teammate, Hailey Duke (www.haileyduke.com) and I started out the month in Kirchberg, Austria celebrating the new year by shooting off bigger fireworks than I have ever legally been able to touch in the U.S. and eating home made fondue.  Since then we followed the World Cup circuit to places like Maribor, Slovenia and Cortina, Italy.  In the city of Maribor we shopped and in Cortina we ate pasta and gelato for fuel.  We also managed to fit in a lot of skiing and are finishing up the month with the announcement of the United States’ World Championship team 2009.  I am excited to be attending my first world championship races in Val D’Isere, France and am hoping to have all the support of home behind me while I compete through the first half of February!  Go team USA!  

U.S. Ski Team Head ShotSemmering, AUT 

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