April 2010

April in Park City was snowy and cold and after a long ski season I was longing for some sunshine and a beach.  So, I went to Cabo, Mexico with teammates Jess, Hailey and Sarah.  Sarah’s husband, Federico, is Mexican and set us up with the perfect vacation.  We started the trip staying at a five star resort that was just like the picture perfect vacation you imagine with pools right outside our window and a view of the ocean behind.  We went to a place called Niki beach which was exactly like Spring Break in the movies, with sun burnt, drunk Americans sprawled all over the beach listening to bumping disco in the background.  Sarah is a great surfer and taught us as much of what she knew as we could handle and I am proud to say that I was riding giants on a long board on my first time to Mexico.  Then, toward end the trip, when our time-share at the resort was over we camped on the beach, also a first for me.  It was a girl’s night around the campfire and it was filled with giggles.   All in all it was the vacation I needed to transition from a long ski season to summer life at home!

Sarah, Jess, Hailey, Me (left to right)

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