June/July 2010-Summer!

I have to start by apologizing to everyone out there because it has been a little while since my last entry but to my own defense, the last two months have been full of summer fun, school and lots of workouts.   The women’s alpine team just went through physical testing and is gearing up for a training camp in New Zealand.  I am very excited to get on snow because it has been a while and energized to start skiing on all my new Fischer gear.  My testing results showed that I lost a little bit of fat over summer dryland training while gaining a centimeter in girth on each of my quad muscles.  To get to this point I spent each Monday and Wednesday mornings lifting weights before heading down to college to sit through an introduction to ethics class.  Tuesday and Thursdays I would also workout in the morning before heading to the bakery to work, as I mentioned in my previous blog.  I had a lot of fun, learned a lot and spend a lot of time decorating tarts and cookies.  I also spent as much time as possible mountain biking and bar-b-cueing with friends to celebrate my summer.  It was very nice to recoup at home with all of my friends and family who I miss over the winter months that are full of travel.  The only trip I took in the last three months was to the Gates of Ladore section of the Green River to float with my family and some long-term friends.  Anyway, to sum it up I am recouped and ready to start training again with a sense of excitement.  I know that once I get to New Zealand my out of use ski muscles will be very sore as I attempt to ski them back in to shape but that is a small price to pay for the winter I am about to enter in to!

At the bakery!

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