End of fall, beginning of Winter!

Although I did not feel like I had had enough training since my injury to race the season opener in Solden, AUT, I have been at home enjoying the last bits of fall and getting excited to go to Colorado and train this November.  Meanwhile, I joined the speed team girls for a ten day dryland camp in Park City that included pre-season physical testing as well as a lot of fun games and activities!

The greatest group of ski racer girls that I know getting ready to ride the mid-mountain trail at our pre-season dryland camp!
The best/scariest pumpkin I have ever carved! Couldn't have done it without my carving partner Cody Marshall!
Me, feeling ready, refreshed and excited to start another winter of ski racing! YAY!

Also, our album Out of Bounds is open for download from October 15-December 15th and all the proceeds go to help fund the women of the national team!  If you haven’t done so yet go to www.hopealivemedia.com/alpinesupport, support a good cause and download some new music!

One response to “End of fall, beginning of Winter!”

  1. Hi, I’m Tim Yates’s (DataXstream) wife. I’m so stoked you are a blogger. Yay.
    and wow, awesome pumpkin

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