Often, as ski racers, we get caught up in the stress and pressure of competition and forget that for everyone else this time of year is set aside for celebrating!  I love the holidays because it celebrates food, baking, family, friends, snow, Christmas trees and ripping arcs in the mountains.  What makes your holidays happy?

My holidays started on Cody's birthday, November 15th. We celebrated with a vanilla cake I made from scratch, mmmmm!
The best little brother in the world and I about to stuff ourselves with Thanksgiving dinner!
Park City….HOME 🙂
Hailey Duke and I remembering skiing is fun!
Charlie Brown Christmas trees definitly count!
And of course, Christmas cookies!

 Happy Holidays everyone!!!

One response to “Celebrate!”

  1. love that you are able to make time to bake cakes and cookies. Happy Christmas to you!

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