Speed week in Aspen-AHHHH!!!

So in an effort towards the Noram overall I did two super G’s and two downhills in Aspen.  Below are some photos by Mr. Caston of my efftort-take note of the wide eyes!

Because these were my first speed races in a long time, the speed felt really intense at first but got more managable as the week progressed.  I was working on evening out my pressure and I think that, if anything, this focus will benefit my giant slalom and I am glad I did it!

To nurse my fears, I made sure to visit the bakeries of Aspen in the afternoons.

This is a picture of Aspen from town. The downhill is the run that comes into view in the upper right corner and drops all of the way down to the base and takes about one minute and forty seconds to ski!
Technician extraordinaire and I at the start getting ready!
I took this picture of myself in an effort to show off my lululemon shirt from DataXtreme and thank them for all of their support!

One response to “Speed week in Aspen-AHHHH!!!”

  1. good for you for taking on the speed. That bakery looks awesome! thanks for showing off your DataXstream! 🙂

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