Jackson Hole

After Aspen, I wanted to keep practicing racing so I went to Jackson Hole with the Europa cup girls and had a blast!

I knew I had hit Wyoming when they were herding cattle down the middle of the road!

I want to thank everyone who keeps believing in me and going out of their way to help me with my skiing and on my journey.  The past couple of weeks and months these people have been all of the Park City Ski Team staff, Jeff Pickering, Trevor Wagner and Prado with the Europa Cup team, my parents, my boyfriend Cody and my team mate Hailey Duke!

One response to “Jackson Hole”

  1. I love the cows 🙂 We lived in Evergreen – outside of Denver CO – for 6 months and in January Denver honors its roots as a cattle town and they herd longhorns through the city streets. Being the ultimate suburbia girl I thought that was too cool and pulled my kids out of school to go watch 😉
    excellent team photo

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