Season Summary

I have to start this entry simply saying that this was a strange season! Without much of a prep period due to injury the season started slowly and with only one world cup start, I started to worry that the season might pass anti-climatically.  I am proud to say that despite the odds, I ended the season winning the Noram overall giant slalom title which guarantees my world cup spot in every giant slalom next season and, in my last giant slalom race of the season, I scored my best point result of the year, a 9!  For those readers who don’t understand the FIS point system, every racer starts out with 990 points and tries to lower them by skiing fast. The best racer in each event has zero points so, scores below ten are exciting and help an athlete in terms of world rank.

2011-2012 Overall Noram Giant Slalom Podium
All of the Noram award plates won by the awesome girls on the U.S. europa cup team!
Noram finals in Le Massif, Quebec

When I first realized I was going to be doing Norams all season, it felt like a step back but I didn’t realize the enthusiasm of the younger girls and that the europa cup coaches were providing an environment that encouraged development in contrast to the world cup team.  This season, if nothing else, I learned to appreciate all the relationships I have made through ski racing and I love all my skier friends, new and old!

Dinner prepared by the new young rippers on our team! YUM!
Saying bye to one of our veterans ;-( Sarah I will miss you, your career is an inspiration to mine!

Seasons change, the U.S. ski team goes through phases and personal careers go through intense waves of success and struggle!

As I get ready for spring, I am feeling ready for a break but positive and hopeful for next season!

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” -Marilyn Monroe

“Find your bliss, and don’t be afraid to follow it.”

Celebrating my passion for skiing with friends and family on the closing day at Park City Mountain Resort!

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